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Huan – Dispersion (Dissolution)


Wind blowing over water disperses it, dissolving it into foam and mist. This suggests that when a man’s vital energy is dammed up within him (indicated as a danger by the attribute of the lower trigram), gentleness serves to break up and dissolve the blockage [continuous working of gentleness cleans up the clogs in the vital impulses of men, when under such block frustration or tirelessness develops, or combating against the blockade, we lose our standing and contribute to the distorted state of affairs, it is sometimes better to still oneself in gentleness and let the blocks be removed out of themselves, or engage in calm countermeasures – not leaving the situation as it is, but persistently and lightly working to clear the way. The muddy river is cleared up by a stream of fresh water arriving from the spring, and thus all is seen in clarity]


DISPERSION. Success. The king approaches his temple. It furthers one to cross the great water. Perseverance furthers. The text of this hexagram resembles that of Ts’ui, GATHERING TOGETHER (45). In the latter, the subject is the bringing together of elements that have been separated, as water collects in lakes upon the earth. Here the subject is the dispersing and dissolving of divisive egotism. DISPERSION shows the way, so to speak, that leads to gathering together. This explains the similarity of the two texts. Religious forces are needed to overcome the egotism that divides men [binding which is transcendent and lines within and above the communities]. The common celebration of the great sacrificial feasts and sacred rites, which gave expression simultaneously to the interrelation and social articulation of family and state, was the means employed by the great rulers to unite men. [feasts and ceremonies, holidays and celebrations, commemorate and strenghten the bonds and affection between men, women, the world and Heavens] The sacred music and the splendor of the ceremonies aroused a strong tide of emotion that was shared by all hearts in unison, and that awakened a consciousness of the common origin of all creatures. In this way disunity was overcome and rigidity dissolved. A further means to the same end is co-operation in great general undertakings that set a high goal for the will of the people; in the common concentration on this goal, all barriers dissolve, just as, when a boat is crossing a great stream, all hands must unite in a joint task. But only a man who is himself free of all selfish ulterior considerations, and who perseveres in justice and steadfastness, is capable of so dissolving the hardness of egotism [within and by conviction and presentable nature – without]


The wind drives over the water:The image of DISPERSION.Thus the kings of old sacrificed to the Lord and built temples. In the autumn and winter, water begins to freeze into ice. When the warm breezes of spring come, the rigidity is dissolved, and the elements that have been dispersed in ice floes are reunited. It is the same with the minds of the people. Through hardness and selfishness the heart grows rigid, and this rigidity leads to separation from all others. Egotism and cupidity isolate men. Therefore the hearts of men must be seized by a devout emotion. They must be shaken by a religious awe in face of eternity—stirred with an intuition of the One Creator of all living beings, and united through the strong feeling of fellowship experienced in the ritual of divine worship [they must be taken by individual awe, sincere sacrifices and religious ordeals coupled with realizations of the vastness, the insignificance, the terror, the beauty cannot be imposed on anyone – it is an issue of personal re-living of such circumstances within that is why it is rather difficult to arouse people to such a feeling – in sincerity it is an individual mask, tradition is a bond – but it is a repetition, it is to be discovered within]


Six at the beginning means: He brings help with the strength of a horse.Good fortune.It is important that disunion should be overcome at the outset, before it has become complete—that the clouds should be dispersed before they have brought storm and rain. At such times when hidden divergences in temper make themselves felt and lead to mutual misunderstandings, we must take quick and vigorous action to dissolve the misunderstandings and mutual distrust [all is explained with great clarity, in all outposts of discord, otherwise misunderstandings amount on on top of another and lead to conflict, disunison, suspicion, and the greatest of friends are separated not knowing what exactly happened each with a blackened heart, each with a conviction of being right, each with a conviction of being betrayed – when things cannot be perfectly put into unison immediately, then one needs to go around the stubborness of the other presenting openly his intent and heart, sacrificing oneself for the other]

Nine in the second place means: At the dissolution He hurries to that which supports him. Remorse disappears. When an individual discovers within himself the beginnings of alienation from others, of misanthropy and ill humor, he must set about dissolving these obstructions. He must rouse himself inwardly, hasten to that which supports him. [that requires great discipline and strenght to overcome, but should never left to itself, conquered by good deeds and acts] Such support is never found in hatred, but always in a moderate and just judgment of men, linked with good will [not misjudging the fates, let us consider the dead who through countless fates lived and perished, if we become pettily judgmental towards the living, we shrink our perspective and observation, knowing nothing of men, ancestor worship did secure the bond between the living and the dead]. If he regains this unobstructed outlook on humanity, while at the same time all saturnine ill humor is dissolved, all occasion for remorse disappears.

Six in the third place means: He dissolves his self. No remorse. Under certain circumstances, a man’s work may become so difficult that he can no longer think of himself. He must set aside all personal desires and disperse whatever the self gathers about it to serve as a barrier against others [in fact self-sacrifice when under heavily burdens is one of the greatest feature that a human spirit may achieve]. Only on the basis of a great renunciation can he obtain the strength for great achievements. By setting his goal in a great task outside himself, he can attain this standpoint.

Six in the fourth place means: He dissolves his bond with his group [he sacrifices his group identity and a sense of belonging to a group by overcoming oneself, this should not develop into later scorn of the group, but one thus is beyond all sectarian interests of a particular group, having in mind the good of the whole] Supreme good fortune. Dispersion leads in turn to accumulation.This is something that ordinary men do not think of.When we are working at a task that affects the general welfare, we must leave all private friendships out of account. Only by rising above party interests can we achieve something decisive. He who has the courage thus to forego what is near wins what is afar. But in order to comprehend this standpoint, one must have a wide view of the interrelationships of life, such as only unusual men attain.

Nine in the fifth place means:His loud cries are as dissolving as sweat. Dissolution! A king abides without blame. In times of general dispersion and separation, a great idea provides a focal point for the organization of recovery. Just as an illness reaches its crisis in a dissolving sweat, so a great and stimulating idea is a true salvation in times of general deadlock [hush, the idea that transcends, annihilates conflict, dissolves, elevates, amends, sews, and promotes, reaching to Heavens like a falcon, inspires the below. Inasmuch as the Deities thought is merging of idea with subject of their thought, impressions of the sacrificer, the oracle, the magician, the priest, the priestess upon the Deities is done through clear, great ideas, than a human being is a for a while god-like, his idea directed to the Heavens merges with the subject of thought of Gods, mixes and becomes sealed and mutually impressed upon each other]. It gives the people a rallying point—a man in a ruling position who can dispel misunderstandings.

Nine at the top means: He dissolves his blood. Departing, keeping at a distance, going out is without blame. The idea of the dissolving of a man’s blood means the dispersion of that which might lead to bloodshed and wounds, i.e., avoidance of danger. But here the thought is not that a man avoids difficulties for himself alone, but rather that he rescues his kin—helps them to get away before danger comes, or to keep at a distance from an existing danger, or to find a way out of a danger that is already upon them. In this way he does what is right.